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Milan Malagán is an experienced Artist & Coder. He has more than 15 years of experience in accomplishing award winning internet projects and numerous experimental art ventures.

Milan Malagán developed and released attention-grabbing projects for adidas, Audi, BMW, Carhartt, Gore-Tex, LeapFrog, PRADA Group, Stüssy, T-Online, Universum Film and many more. He is also co-founder of Snowforce™ – Europe’s most visited online portal for Snowboarding.

In 2001 Milan Malagán started his Studio PixelPropaganda™ as a platform to integrate all multidisciplinary efforts. As a consultant & developer he applies exceptional internet approaches and visual innovations to his clients & customers.

Milan Malagán likes The Simpsons & playes Ping-Pong like a skilled nerd! He lives & works in Munich /Germany.

“I have not enough memory to remember everything i have seen.”

*1998: “ABC Anniversary”, Forum, Munich/Germany
*1999: “Academy of Fine Arts”, Munich/Germany
*2003: “Scumskullz Showcase”, Muffathalle Munich/Germany
*2004: “Urban Art & Media Festival”, Munich/Germany
*2004: “En la Frontera Festival”, Zaragoza/Spain

*2004: “netARTeria”, Katowice/Poland
*2004: “I See You”, Vilnius/Lithuania
*2004: “Food Show”, Munich/Germany
*2005: “Itsastickup”, Milano/Italy
*2006: “9th Biennial de la Habana”, Havana/Cuba

*2006: “Spread”, Kestner Museum, Hanover/Germany
*2007: “Breadandbutter”, Barcelona/Spain
*2008: “Intermediate”, Gallery Schelling 50, Munich/Germany
*2008: “Bastard Spaces”, Praterinsel, Munich/Germany
*2009: “11th Istanbul Biennial”, Istanbul/Turkey

*2009: “The Pickart Festival”, Galerie Richter & Masset, Munich/Germany
*2009: “Urban Experiences”, Haus am Köllnischen Park, Berlin/Germany
*2009: “Urban Experiences”, Postgaragen, Munich/Germany
*2009: “ARt on Snow”, Postgaragen, Kleinwalsertal/Austria
*2010: “Lobster Random: No Gain!”, Gallery Schelling 50, Munich/Germany

*2010: “Love and Friendship in the Nuclear Age”, Gallery Dana Charkasi, Vienna/Austria
*2010: “Lobster Random: Art & Exploration”, Raum 18, Berlin/Germany
*2010: “Pixel Propaganda”, ZeroGarage, Istanbul/Turkey
*2010: “Independent Creatives Clash”, Filmboard Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe/Germany
*2010: “Time Bandits: Re-Inventing Progress”, Gallery Pfeiffer W7, Munich/Germany

*2011: “Cooking Bacon Naked”,Champagneria, Berlin/Germany
*2011: “Solid Elements”, Garage Istanbul,  Temps D’Images Festival, Istanbul/Turkey
*2011: “People U Don’t Like”, Atrium Studio, Munich/Germany

*2012: “G-Shock”, BlackBox, Munich/Germany
*2012: “RestArt”, Gallery Schlecker, Munich/Germany

*2013: “Professioneller Projektvergleich”, Munich/Germany


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