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ScumPad™ is the ultimate research and engineering tool for Scumskullz scientists. The feature set is geared towards both the novice and the veteran.

The system’s highly sensitive touch screen input device provides an intuitive and efficient workflow. The design is based on a hand-held gaming device secretly developed in the former German Democratic Republic. Although the device never was ready for marketing it is rumored that its graphic capabilities exceeded those of the Nintendo Gameboy. Only, how could Scum Supplies gain access to this precious piece of East German techonology?

View an online demonstration of the new range of possibilities the ScumPad™ enables.

Screen resolution: 160×160 pixels
Color depth: 12 bit
Processor: Custom ASIC
System RAM: 2 MB
System ROM: 8 MB

Scumskullz taking part at the Foodshow street-art exhibition.

The Scumskullz crew came together with artists from London (D*Face, Dave the Chimp), Amsterdam (Stickernation, Stickerwar), New York (The Flower Guy) and Milano (Script, Santy), Flying Fortress, Viagrafik, Senor B and others.

Characters, illustrations in combination with the concept Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

View more images in the atlas

Location: Die Registratur (Munich/Germany)
Date: 23th April 2004

Scumskullz taking part at the collective exhibition “I SEE YOU”

Location: Old train station (Vilnius/Lithuania)
Date: 28th Feb 2004

Scumskullz taking part at the “netARTeria” exhibition for interactive design and internet projects. Invited by the European Union Scum Supplies developed a concept to disseminate the progress of the project’s online database.

In addition to this exhibition Scum Supplies also guided a workshop in Gliwice with young artists from Poland.

The Scum Timer visualises the comprehensive encyclopedia of all discovered scumskullz up to now. A dynamic installation applying 6 screens and synchronised accoustic background.

As a by-product of the installation download the Scum Timer Screensaver

Location: Katowice/Poland
Date: 6th-8th May 2004

As the leaders of the UAMO line up, Scum Supplies present their global project in new forms of the online and offline media.

They unearthe new evidence on their species-development and they break new ground with this exhibition for urban art and media experiments.

An interactive handheld device as a mobile version of the project web-community. The just accomplished comprehensive encyclopedia on an oversized canvas of 20 x 6 meters. Overscaled pixels and anatomic studies on the cute species – take a look at the scumskullz through the microscope.

More infos on this legendary showcase at Many more images in the atlas

Location: Munich/Germany
Date: 16th-31th July 2004

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