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Scumskullz taking part at the audiovisual cultural festival “En la Frontera”

Displaying 10 oversized icons of acquainted Scumskullz comprised in the Scumskullz truetype font at the signs-expo Pictografía in the train station.

Thereto photos of various street projects were showed at the Desgrafica exhibition of grafic design.

Location: Zaragoza/Spain
Date: 11th, 19th May 2004

Solo Exhibition by Pixelpropaganda (Istanbul 2010)


Milan Malagan / Pixelpropaganda


A parking lot in Karakoy was regenerated under the pixel art theme. Guests were taken to a journey of nostalgia with an exhibition featuring early period game consoles, installations and video art pieces. Additionally, arcade games such as ateri and tilt machines were installed at the venue in order to provide first hand exprience to guests. Through custom communications work designed for the sponsors, visuals and products of brands were read appropriate to concept.

Shipping container architecture
is a form of architecture using steel intermodal containers as structural element, because of their inherent strength, wide availability and relatively low expense.

Many structures based on containers have already been constructed, and their uses, sizes, locations and appearances vary widely.

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