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Milan Malagan / Pixelpropaganda


A parking lot in Karakoy was regenerated under the pixel art theme. Guests were taken to a journey of nostalgia with an exhibition featuring early period game consoles, installations and video art pieces. Additionally, arcade games such as ateri and tilt machines were installed at the venue in order to provide first hand exprience to guests. Through custom communications work designed for the sponsors, visuals and products of brands were read appropriate to concept.

“Solid Elements” – Skateboarding & Choreography in Virtual Space, Istanbul 2011


The network of the performing and moving image arts

Initiated by ARTE and La Ferme du Buisson, Scène nationale de Marne-la-Vallée, TEMPS D’IMAGES was originally created out of the observation of one issue in particular: the worlds of moving image and performing arts are not separate, but interact constantly wherever technology is used as a bridge rather than a boundary. So what new ways can we find to articulate and build on the relationship between performance and moving image in this contemporary artistic landscape where the borders between art forms are increasingly blurred? The TEMPS D’IMAGES festival was created to respond to this question and its innovative themes have rapidly won over numerous venues in Europe. From 2003, TEMPS D’IMAGES has developed into a European network.  Through its commitment to the policy of production, TEMPS D’IMAGES has played an active role in developing the potential for creative exchange and collaboration between the performing arts and the moving image.

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